Friday, 29 August 2014

PHOTOSHOOT/COORDINATE RUNDOWN: Hime-Lolita Romantic Rose Letter Coordinate!

 Hello cuties!
My Romantic Rose Letter coordinate is finally complete! I've been planning this for what seems like forever, and finally all of my pieces have arrived! This is my first true Hime-Lolita coord and I love it. Romantic Rose Letter is one of my dream prints and I'm so happy I have the skirt in pink now~

Rundown time!
Skirt - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - DreamV
Cardigan - Angelic Pretty
Headdress - Handmade
Shoes - Bodyline
Socks - Offbrand

I am a very very visual learner and person in general so I almost always make little schemas of my coords. I have so many of coords that I never did, it's just a good tool for daydreaming.

Aaaand onto the photos! Photography is by Light and Vision Photography with post-processing by myself.




Bonus: Photo bombing work-uniform-boyfriend. 

Thanks for reading friends! Until next time~


  1. You looks so pretty! :D
    I love your outfit! >w<

  2. svar: Vinnaren i veckans blogg är nu utsedd. gå in och se om de blev du som blev den lyckliga vinnaren eller passa på att anmäla dig till den nya tävlingen och få en ny chans:)

  3. The coord is so pretty ^.^ I love the skirt <3