Monday, 22 February 2016

♡ PARTY-KEI | Where to Shop and Pixie's New Faves ♡

Hello beanie babies!

    After posting my previous blog post on Party-kei, I've gotten a lot of lovely positive feedback from you QTs which has been filling me with determination
I've been goosing around on the internet and realized a lot of my recent faves definitely fit the Party-kei aesthetic, so I thought I'd do a quick n' simple blog post of some of my most recent wish-list musings!
    So if you've been wondering where you might want to peek for some Party-kei clothes or accessories, you're in the right (and probably only) place

    Irregular choice shoes have always been on my (and probably everyone else's) wishlist. It's the bunnies, man. The idea of having a bunny or a cat or a flamingo on my feet just sounds like the epitome of kitsch and cool and is exactly how I want to present myself. Hello. Nice to meet you. I am flamingo shoe girl.

    Oh man. Man. This is another brand I've had my eye on for what seems like forever, but I've never seriously considered making a purchase from them (probably because most of their stuff is made-to-order and my tragic flaw is impatience) but now that I actually own a few PVC pieces, I've become 100% hooked and all I live for is the sweet sweet squeak of trying to sit down in a plastic chair in a hot pink vinyl pencil skirt.

    This is what actually inspired me to write this blog post today :~) I found this fantastically kitsch web shop called RommyDeBommy and fell in love with this purse. It's handmade and hecka cool and therefore expensive as hell, but it's so worth it. I'd worry about the durability of a purse made of foam that straight up looks like a piece of funfetti birthday cake in Canadian winters, but just look at it. This is the most Party-kei thing I have ever seen.

Swankiss seems to be like a drug I can't stop going back to. I only have one Swankiss dress and the Dreamy Book/tote, but something about their kitschy pastel vibe is just so carefree. But like, carefree in the way that they don't seem to care if the design is just weird as hell and might not even sell well. And I love that, I admire that, and I hope I can run a label with that same spirit one day

 Betsey Johnson is another designer I admire to heck and back. Her never-ending spunk and daringness makes me so happy and filled with inspiration. Her pieces are just plain weird and once again, she seems to not give a shit and just goes on doing the weird kitschy stuff she loves. Her kitsch purses are my favourites. I do not have a proper excuse for why I don't own any Betsey purses and I am ashamed.

That's it for me today! I'm sick and my voice is almost completely gone, so no videos for me today but hopefully this blog post was enjoyable!!
I love you my lil pixie fam. Until next time!

Monday, 8 February 2016


Hello all!

   We all know there are countless different styles under the Japanese street fashion umbrella- fairy kei, pop kei, visual kei, mori kei- but I've found that none of them really pinpoint what I like to wear and surround myself with.

   I started feeling really strangely insecure- which isn't like me. I love fashion so much, that wearing anything unique will be fun and exciting to me. But I couldn't quite find my perfect aesthetic- my "fashion identity" if you will. I have this unfortunate perfectionist mentality when it comes to my image I portray, especially online. What do I label myself as? How do I become the pure, perfect representation of that label? How do I make sure people know what I'm about as a first glance???!!!!?33@#4$??????

   Of course, this thinking is ridiculous, and it kind of ate at me for a while. I tried to go full out sweet lolita, which left me feeling very restricted and unable to actually enjoy the ART part of fashion, which is the most important part to me. I then played around with hime kaji and gyaru, but I swear to god if I see one more dusty pink floral or chiffon blouse I will chew off my own fingers. My problem was that I couldn't allow myself to enjoy wearing multiple styles, or just dabbling in a few- I was the definition of do or die.

   Recently I've been trying to work to allow myself to simply like what I like, whether or not it goes together in a cohesive image. However, a few of these things I found did look pretty cute together, and so I decided to dub it it's own "kei". Party kei.

   I've found myself obsessed with kitschy, birthday party themes. Frosting, confetti, ribbons, tacky plastic gems and party favour rings- I love that shit. I think it's super fun, freeing, and it just makes me feel like a lil celebration everywhere I go. I wanted to combine these loves into a style, and I hope you'll like it too!

   This is not something I'm trying to get to ~catch on~ or ~be trendy~, in all honesty I've been nervous to write this blog post in fear of it being perceived that way. But, I gotta stick to my gut, fill it with birthday cake, and share my thoughts with you guys ♡

Fashion point! Ribbons integrated in hairstyles is key!
Fashion Point! Lots of fun multicoloured glitter makes eyes like confetti.
Fashion Point! Perfume like frosting or sweets makes it feel like a celebration.
Fashion point! Fluffy shoes socks, or slippers are a must for the 90s slumber party feel!


[Note; please feel free to try this style regardless of your gender identity, I just used female pronouns for convenience!]
Party kei is the style for a girl who loves to celebrate every day life. Adorning herself with pastel ribbons, confetti motifs, and yummy frosting perfume makes her smile everywhere she goes. Party kei has a kitschy, youthful vibe with lots of decorative jewels and accessories! She is a girl who looks like she could have just walked out of a 90's slumber party. It is a street style that is happy, unique, and colourful.
Let's go over the basic guidelines!

Quick sketchy examples! These turned out a bit ~frillier~ than Party-kei has to be, I've more recently been wearing more sort of more sassy/sharp garments than soft frilly garments if that makes sense? But if you accessorize well, you can make almost anything Party-kei!

Pastel coloured hair is very popular, but other colours work as well. Incorporating ribbons in your hairstyle is super cute, whether it be in a bow, woven into a braid, or spiraling down from your locks~ Small kitschy plastic clips can also be used to give a sort of "confetti" motif effect, and also reflects the youthfulness of the birthday party theme.
Curly, light, fluffy styles are best to go with the lightness of the style!

Pastel fluffy hair, plastic clippies, & heart-shaped iridescent cheek sparkles


Colourful make up is a must! Pink lippie, lavender eyeshadow, pink blush- anything pastel and pretty. A staple of party kei is in the confetti like motifs, and under eye spangles are the best way to show that in your make up ♡ Try to include many different colours of spangles, and sprinkle them over your cheeks (not literally)!

Weird make up is 1000% encouraged. Lilac lips, pink cheekies and gems under the eyes.

Pastels, pops of bright colour, and lots and lots of varied materials. The main point of the clothing in party kei is that is includes different textured fabrics in pretty layers. Fluffy furs, organzas and chiffons, chunky knits, neoprene, shiny or sparkly fabrics- these are all perfect for layering and coordinating into a sort of... happy fashion salad?

For shoes, anything avante garde and fun is good. Shoes with fur or fluffy accents are really good for giving off the 90's slumber party slipper vibe! My shoes are almost always at least 4 inches off the ground and holographic to some degree, but that's definitely optional.

Shiny shiny sparkle sparkle fluff fluff.


Sparkly sparkly sparkly. Anything kitschy and party-favour-esque is your best friend! I'm a big fan of the gaudy plastic gems myself. I recently bought a bag of small plastic cats and have been spray painting them pastel colours. I need to be stopped. You could easily stock up on some party-keiable accessories at your local thrift shop, party store, or claire's accessories.

Big n' weird! I personally love little animal shapes and fruits.

I hope this is at least interesting~! I've had this brain child floating around in my consciousness for months so I decided to spew it onto the internet, here you go :~)
I'm planning on making a video all about Party kei as well, but I figured this was a better way to try to organize my brain thoughts.

Thanks cuties! I'm gonna go back to being eternally inactive on this blog now byeeee