Sunday, 14 December 2014

✧ OOTD: Glitter and Gold in the Freezing Cold | Bonne Chance Collections, Forever 21, Ardène, Bodyline ✧

Hey lovelies!
I'm back with a quick little OOTD for you~ I just received my super gorgeous gold shoes from Bodyline (praise yan-sama) so I wanted to do an outfit with a lil bit o' gold in there~


Headbow: Ardène
Lace Cardigan: Forever 21
Dress: Bonne Chance Collections
Shoes: Bodyline

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this lil' baby blog post~ See you later cuties!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

✩ Huge Haul and Favourites ✩ Sephora, Chocolate Themes, Rilakkuma, and more~

Hey friends!
So recently I've been a million places and bought a million things, and I just haven't had the chance to  sit down and do a blog post until now. So here I am!
This haul will contain all of my goodies I picked up at Hal-con, Sephora, and cute local shops in the city while I was away~

So... I had way too much fun at the mall. In my province, we have pretty much two malls. Both in the capital "city", and both pretty pathetic. So visiting pretty much anywhere else is super exciting to get the chance to go to a real live multi-level mall! 
 I hit up Sephora first and promptly blew 130$ (30 of which were on a gift for a friend, not pictured) and bought this gorgeous eye shadow palette I'd been oggling over for a while. I also may have bought Better Then Sex. It also may be... better than sex.

All of this is from Toxic Blossom! Toxic Blossom is an incredibly cute Halifax shop with J Fashion and Japanese pop culture goods galore. I always always have to make a stop to Toxic Blossom when I go over! I had them put the Sugar Pill Sparkly Baby eye shadow on hold for me, and picked up a few other things when I was there~
I got this cute donut and chocolate themed make up bag (a new style I've been blatantly floating towards lately... I likes me some chocolate prints), a set of My Melody stationary, this adorable Japanese lipstick 99% for the packaging/container, and a Korilakkuma note pad.

This stuff is all local! I went to Michaels the other day to pick up some stuff for Christmas gifts and kind of went crazy on the cute. Pictured are lil' macaron 3D (totally overpriced but worth it) stickers, conversation heart stickers I have absolutely zero use for, donut print cardstock, glittery "Princess" memo cards, a rather ~Fabulous~ eye mask, and unnecessary cute tissues I have no excuse for. 
Sweets party~ 

This is all of the stuff I picked up in the Vendor's Hall at the convention! Most of it is from The Ikebana Shop's booth. The Ikebana Shop is a super cute Japanese store in Halifax with tons of books, Japanese crafts, knick knacks and goods~ This is the first time they've had a booth at a convention, it was so lovely! They had some Precure merchandise which was incredibly exciting for me as you very rarely see Precure stuff in North America and I am very much a Precure freak. I got some Happiness Charge keychains with Cure Princess and Cure Lovely, as well as Candy from Smile Precure.
   The Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are also from The Ikebana Shop, as well as the mugs on the right that they came in. I had no idea that the bears came with the mugs! They were the only two plush there with a ton of mugs, but to be fair it was an hour or two into the Friday of the con so I may have just gotten them because I was the first to buy a mug ; u ;
  The MLP comic was just too precious to pass up. First of all- Hal-Con cover. Second of all- Rarity is cosplaying Jem from Jem and the Holograms and I'm pretty sure that's another pony as Amber. GOOD.

This is just a little thing, but I have literally been wearing it every single day. This is one of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary scrunchies~! It's such an easy cute way to throw a bun together.

This is probably my favourite thing from this whole haul. For the past long while I've been itching to go to Build a Bear- I know, it's weird. But who doesn't want a little fluffy bear with heart-shaped sunglasses and love stuffed into him? Anyway, as this is totally ridiculous, my mum/dad/whoever I was in Halifax with wouldn't condone my purchase of an 80$ childhood dream. 
...But there is someone who both loves me very much and enables my childlike dreams and not only let me enter Build a Bear, but payed for the entire thing and encouraged me to get whatever I wanted. Her name is Hime and she is my baby. 

I cried immediately upon leaving the store. IT WAS GOOD.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading friendlies! I'll see you next time I haul my sorry ass to Blogger to make a post~

Friday, 5 December 2014

♡ OOTD: Cozy Winter Hime-Kaji Coordinate | BTSSB, DreamV, Angelic Pretty, & Offbrand ♡

Happy holidays, cuties!

I'm alive with a post that isn't mandatory because it's sponsored 8D I've recently transformed a corner of my room into a little photo-op corner for OOTDs and modelling shoots~ You know that one place in your room where you kinda just leave crap planning to put it somewhere else later and then never touch for months? That was what that was. And now it's pretty!

So I did a quickie shoot with my glamorous assistant tonight as my tripod is currently out of commission, and I'm here to post a lil post for you chickies and chickoes.

Headbow: DreamV
Scarf: Forever21
Cardigan: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Top (not visible): Forever21
Skirt: Ardene
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Boots: DreamV
Parasol: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

 Thanks for reading lovely! I'll see you next time~

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

✧ Circle Lens Wear and Care Guide with iFairy Lens! ✧

Hello cuties! 
I recently did a little collaboration with the company iFairy Lens with an instructional video on how to wear and care for circle lenses! I did up a video which has been up for a lil bit, but here's a blog post for those of you who prefer to see things written out~


Always make sure your hands are super clean before handling lenses! There's nothing less fun than getting dirt or soap in your eyes.

Only handle the circle lenses (very gently) with your fingertips. If you use your nails, they're much more likely to rip the lenses. Circle lenses rip a lot easier than regular contacts, especially if they have a larger diameter (15mm-16mm+) so be very gentle with your little lensies~

Make sure the lenses are the right side out- if they're inside out they won't grip to your iris properly and it can be both irritating and dangerous, and they're more likely to pop out of your eye and you can lose your lens that way. No one wants one super fabulous eye and one normal eye! (Unless you're into that.)

Pull down your lower lid with your middle finger, and pop the lens in your eye (on your iris) with your index finger. Blink around a few times- you may need to pull the lens down onto your iris, but it will stay there after it settles.


There are two ways to remove circle lenses- You can use your lower and upper lid to sort of pop it off like a suction cup, or you can pull back your lower and upper lid and use your index and thumb to peel it out. These are more easily explained in the video ; u ;

Put them back in their case with some multipurpose contact solution! You can pick this up at pretty much any drug store.


The maximum time for wearing circle lenses without taking them out is 8 hours. I would strongly suggest going for 3-4 hours max for your first few days wearing new lenses, and gradually work your way up to the full 8 if that's what you need. This is especially important if you have lenses with a large diameter (15mm-16mm+), as they will dry your eyes out like crazy if left in for too long. Let your pretty peepers breeeathe!

You should always let your lenses sit in their case with some fresh solution after you take them out of the bottle for at least 8 hours before wearing them.

On that note, you should also replace the solution as often as you can- some say every day, but I'd suggest at least every time you put them back in the case after wearing.

NEVER run tap water over your circle lenses to clean them- you should clean them with the solution and use a clean fingertip to wipe each side carefully. Water is super irritating in your eyes and they won't sit properly on your iris.

Make sure that when you store your lenses in the solution, they are completely immersed in the liquid. If not, they will shrivel up, dry out, and harden, and become unusable. I have done this too many times. Do not make my mistakes ; - ;

It's a good idea to replace your lens case every 3 months or so to avoid bacteria growth and general germiness.

If you take good care of your lenses and be mindful when you wear them, you should have no discomfort at all and your lenses will live a happy life in your beautiful sparkly eyes~

These are the ICK Petal Blue from iFairy's eStore~! They are 15mm in diameter.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped! You can  enjoy 10% off I.Fairy Lens eStore with the code JILVES ♡

Bye cuties~! 

Friday, 29 August 2014

PHOTOSHOOT/COORDINATE RUNDOWN: Hime-Lolita Romantic Rose Letter Coordinate!

 Hello cuties!
My Romantic Rose Letter coordinate is finally complete! I've been planning this for what seems like forever, and finally all of my pieces have arrived! This is my first true Hime-Lolita coord and I love it. Romantic Rose Letter is one of my dream prints and I'm so happy I have the skirt in pink now~

Rundown time!
Skirt - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - DreamV
Cardigan - Angelic Pretty
Headdress - Handmade
Shoes - Bodyline
Socks - Offbrand

I am a very very visual learner and person in general so I almost always make little schemas of my coords. I have so many of coords that I never did, it's just a good tool for daydreaming.

Aaaand onto the photos! Photography is by Light and Vision Photography with post-processing by myself.




Bonus: Photo bombing work-uniform-boyfriend. 

Thanks for reading friends! Until next time~