Saturday, 16 August 2014

✧ Hime-style Lolita Headdress DIY Tutorial! ✧

Hello cuties!
As a some of you may know, I do a lot of crafting and sewing, so when I felt something was missing from my latest coordinate I decided to make my own headdress. I make a lot of simple flower crowns and things like that, but I've been wanting to do something more complicated that could work in Hime styles and Classic Sweet. So, without further-ado, here's a lil' DIY tutorial on how I made my headdress.


You will need:
-Hot glue
-Paint brushes
-A styrofoam head/wig head

 So, I headed out to my local corner/craft store and picked up a few things. This cost under $11.00 Canadian and is the basis of my headdress. I picked up a white rose bouquet from the wedding section as well as one individual big ass pink rose, a basic headband, and two bottles of paint. Glittery paint! 

  The first thing I did was take one of the white roses out from the bouquet, remove the stem, pop off the ole' cap on the gold glitter paint and hand paint the petals. I only did one coat so that the gold wasn't totally overpowering, more so white roses with gold sparkles. I repeated this on one other rose. Gold, pink, and white are the general colours of my coordinate.

I removed the accessories from the band so that it was just bare plastic. I had a ton of strings of pearls and beads kicking around so I measured and cut a small string and carefully glued it to the band asymmetrically.  If you use pearls, make sure they don't hang too low or too high!

Again, I already had white ribbon on hand, so I super carefully wrapped the band as well as making sure the pearls were secure with the ribbon.

 Hot glue time! I removed the stem from the large pink flower and neatly hot glued it to the now-ribboned-band where I want the "peak" of the action to be. I also glued on my two gold-painted roses on either side of the big pink guy. You will likely also have to glue individual petals to one another to keep the flower from flopping back if it is large. 

I added more pearls. You should probably do all your pearls at once so you can ribbon-over them and keep 'em nice and secure, but what can I say, I design as I go. They're also a size up from the first string for a lil bit of contrast.

 And for the finishing touch I stuck on a small strip of super wide pink lace to cover the gross and rather un-princessly back. I did this by dabbing hot glue on either side of the gold roses and sticking it there- it's stiff enough lace to be fine like that.

   And this is the finished product! The crown was bought specifically for this headdress as well, but I'm not planning on permanently attaching it because it can be used for so much else too~ The same goes for the 6%DokiDoki clip, obviously.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish you luck in any frilly crafty adventures you may embark on


  1. it's so beautiful, thanks for the tutorial ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    1. Thanks for your comment sweetie! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧