Wednesday, 27 August 2014

LOLITA ON A BUDGET - A Guide to Affording Brand

Hello cuties!
Since my last video was posted I received a ton of people asking me to make more videos, and it's something new I really enjoy, so I decided to whip out the ole' Nikon again.

The video will say it all- but I wanted to include some extra tid bits here from lovely lolis and ouji in my community who had advice on smart shopping and saving money in Lolita~

Rachel says; Personally, I would say investing more in jsks/skirts and blouses rather than ops. 2 skirts and 2 blouses=4 co-ords, rather than 2 ops. Also, keeping the blouses neutral as to avoid not being able to pair it with much. 
Thrift shops for tights/legwear can save a lot of money too!

Onyx says; Make as many small accessories your self, thrift stores are where you can find some of the cutest shirts that can be altered easily~ buying things second hand, being creative with painting shoes or stuff~ trade accessories with other Lolita's so you both get new stuff without having to spend any money~

Ashley says; Making your own blouses, and buying your accessories/tights at wal-mart, or other similar stores is crazy helpful. Also if you need an underskirt making those types of things yourself.

Jeffrey says; invest big in a good petti because it will last forever and poof is lyfe

Kirsten says; My only money saving advice is not to buy brand shoes or tights/socks. I've yet to buy any brand shoes that were any better. My shoes/tights/jewelry while maybe not cheap, are all things that I wear in my every day style too.

Holly says;  Make your own petticoat. It's super easy, really cheap and you can make it as poofy as you would like. 
Thrift shopping is nice, you just might find a nice blouse to work a coord or even find a dress you can alter into your own dress. 
And make accessories, not only is it fun but it'll be original!

Jessica F says; places like claire's, ardene's, and Wal-mart are great places to find accessories and even socks and tights

Jessica P says; Also shop vintage second hand. You'll find loads of accessories that perfectly fit in with lolita. Especially when it comes to jewellery, you'll be spoiled for choice and it won't be that expensive at all! Also for hats are a good find and shoes as well in vintage second hand shops! But I would say, for starting a wardrobe pick 3 colors you like and get everything in those colors. pick something neutral for blouses like white or offwhite, and then two other colors that work well together and apart. For example offwhite, burgundy red, and light brown/cream, or white, blue, and pink, etc.
And corset lacing. Try hard to buy corset lacing styled skirts and dresses. That way if you move up and down a size or two it won't be a concern!

Thank you again for your support and taking the time to read/watch! I hope this is useful in some way to you~

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