Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Witches, Work, and Confetti the Unicorn | A Week in My Life

Hello Confetti Club! It's your sporadically-active written-format Pixie here

I thought it might be fun to do weekly, photo-central blog posts of straight up, day to day blogness, which is something I have never done! All of my social media has been largely based around fashion, lifestyle, magical girls, or events, and I rarely stop to just share my day with you. Since I'm an obsessive perfectionist and this is something new I'm trying, I thought I'd pop it on here in written-form instead of doing day-to-day videos on my main channel where I get way more traffic and might regret it if it sucks :~)

So lets dive right on in to baby's first real life blog!

Since I've graduated from highschool and entered /the real world/, my life has consisted of surprisingly stress free and happy days. I've decided to work full time instead of jumping right in to post secondary and exploring the world of fashion design on my own before I get a formal education. I've been working at the best jobs ever; a cute bubbly alternative fashion boutique Papercakes Pretty, a wonderfully funky candy store Freak Lunchbox, and of course the absolute dream job of my youtube channel, Pixielocks, under Disney's Maker Studios. I unfortunately had to leave Papercakes Pretty for Freak, simply as an hours and availability thing. But the owner and I are great friends and she's the most wonderful witch mama!

Freak has been less busy lately since the summer's ended, so I'm working a teeny bit less but it's still enough for me to save for Tokyo and keep afloat :^)


One of the most weirdly exciting things I did this week was I bought myself my very first work desk! I'm madly trying to prepare my room to be mega tip top shape for the much awaited room tour video, so I took myself out on a lil solo date to the happiest place on earth- Homesense.

I planned to get a couple of things for my room; another fluffy pink rug, some frames, and mostly organization stuff for my sewing space. But this adorable bubblegum pink shiny shiny desk caught my eye and my heart. At 110$ it was meant to be. I texted my mom, I texted my significant other. I awkwardly went through the store trying to find things that looked like things I already had so I could imagine what it would look like in my room.

This may seem silly, but it felt really good to purchase a practical furniture item by myself with my own money and put it in my own car's trunk, drive home, and set it up on my own. As someone who used to not be able to go into a store alone at all because of ridiculously high anxiety, it was nice to realize how far I've come. Bitch bought a desk.



 More cute adventures in Homesense and Winners!! A lot of my shopping process involves taking photos of things I like and not buying them. I always stick by "If it keeps me up at night, I'll go back and get it". Sometimes just taking a cute picture of it and showing it to my mom is enough (and more cost effective).


I went to the mall to get organizational stuff for my sewing area (which is what I was actually looking for when I bought the desk, oops), and found this lonely watermelon in the parking lot. Rest in peace.

Also we're getting an H&M and I am more excited than I have been in a long time. Our mall has been so sad and empty and lame for literally forever and FINALLY we're getting some stores that might bring it back to life. We had Target as our big box store in the mall, but that lasted 2 years until all the Target Canadas got chopped. I am going to be one of those people and wait in line 2 hours before they open on opening day. I might vlog it. I might be too ashamed. Who knows.


 I've also been learning more about witchcraft and Wicca more lately and trying to explore myself spiritually and find out what I believe in. I really really connect to a lot of the teachings and practices in witchcraft and also Buddhism, and so I've been considering myself an eclectic Pagan, not that it truly matters what label to use. I love the core values of positivity, doing good, being mindful, and harming no one. Calmness, control, and acceptance. I also love the kick ass community of witches we have in my area and the girl power it exudes. Witches rock. Neko is my familiar and I love him. I have a lot to learn but I am excited to learn more.

I've been back at the piano lately playing simply for fun. Piano has always been the thing I've been best at and I really enjoy it, even if I'm just playing for myself and no one else hears but the cats. I've been learning "It's Over, Isn't It" from the show Steven Universe (which rocks) and Neko came to help me do a duet. Thanks bud.

Okay Project Runway is my favourite show and season 15 just started and I don't know what else to say except that Tim Gunn is my fashion dad and that I HOPE NATHALIA OR DEXTER WIN

Project Runway is really important to me because although fashion is everywhere in our culture, we very very rarely see the process of the actual design and construction. It's all about how people wear it and coordinate it- but it's important to see the actual human being behind the sewing machine and the drafting table. It makes me feel like I can actually do this whole fashion design thing and I've surprisingly learned a lot about construction and fabric and that sort of thing just watching PR. Thank you Mood.


 I also got sort of promoted at my job to key holder! Basically it means I'm a work mom (supervisor) when the main work mom (manager) isn't around. I'm so passionate about my job there and I love helping people and making the store a truly magical place for the customers to discover. It's honestly like walking into another world, and the reactions from some people are so amazing.

Also we got these cute rainbow candies and I'm dying.

I took this panorama of the store before we opened the other morning! Not the best quality but I love my lil freaky candy dimension :^)


There's this really cute furniture store on the way from Freak to the parkade I usually park in, but they close at 5 so I often can't stop in when I'm off work. This week I had a shift that ended at 4:30, so I took a peek in at all the adorable things!

This hand knitted unicorn's name is Confetti. I love her. I want her. But she is 70$. Which makes sense, and is fair, but... this bitch needs to pay for parking.


In another episode of Jillian Tries To Get Room Tour Ready, I wandered around Micheals and picked up this CUTE AS HECK fringe party background (which took over an hour and a lot of sweat to put up, but there she is). It was only like 25$ and it is the perfect thing for my wallpaper wall I was getting sort of bored with but didn't want to put in the effort to re-wallpaper it :^) I can't wait to use it for a video background! I hope the hot pink isn't too dark, I might replace it with some mint blue but I'd have to do some engineering to make the fringe myself lol.


 I had a really emotional day for ~no reason literally at all~ and decided to take a drive out to a field just to chill out by myself and hang out with nature (from inside my car). This was actually a complete coincidence, but my s/o had left me a cheeky note in my windshield wiper with a wildflower and my mom and dad also had picked up smiley face cookies that morning????? That alone made me cry???? I love my friends and family?????

 I hope you enjoyed this post! It's the first one I've made like it but hopefully not the last but hey with my dedication who knows :^)

I love you all endlessly and I hope you're having a wonderful week!