Saturday, 4 July 2015

✧ OOTD: Summery Retro Mahou-Inspired Look ✧

Hello cuties!
   I decided to snap a few photos of my OOTD~ this is sort of a very casual mahou inspired aomojikei look? I feel really cute and summery and I love how the colours look together!

   The pink jacket I painted "Drop Out" on last year, as I was Frenchie in Grease for our school's musical. It was a fantastic experience and I had fun sporting my Frenchie-kei around school outside of rehearsals~ 

Here's the rundown!

Flower crown: Off brand
Jacket: Thrifted & hand painted
Top: H&M
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Cardcaptor Sakura 
Pins: Himistore and Pixie & Cherie
Skirt: Papercakes Pretty
Shoes: Juju
Socks: Rilakkuma Store

The humidity is doing awful things to my hair ; - ;

This is just an iPhone selfie, ehehe <3 I love the big daisy crown!

Thanks for reading! I'll hopefully write soon~

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer coordinates~! Ank Rouge, WEGO, Swankiss, & Katie ♡

Hey cuties!

So, this summer I really want to focus on my style shift and my summer wardrobe! Consequently, I just dropped 230$ on Ank Rouge. SO, I figured I'd share with you some little coordinate collages of styles I've been planning for summer!

Here are the things I've just purchased from Ank Rouge (the WEGO stuff I have yet to order, but I kept it in there 8D)

Alrighty! This first coordinate is based around this absolutely adorable ice cream skirt (which was the reason I wanted to order from AR anyway oops). I wanted to go for a cute, larme-y, otome-y soft feeling. Here's the rundown!
Beret: Swimmer
Top: Ank Rouge
Cardigan: DreamV
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Bag: Swankiss
Shoes: Syrup

This coordinate really excites me ; - ; It's a little less girly and frilly than my usual style, but experimentation is what I'm all about! I'm planning on thrifting a denim jacket and painting a Precure back patch on it. I actually bought a jacket but when I went to bleach it a little I forgot about it and now it's white and splotchy. I am the DIY queen. Here's the rundown!

Jacket: Thrifted
Rosette: Katie
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: WEGO
Socks: Offbrand

And this last coordinate is themed around the skirt again. This super cute gingham skirt is patterned with conversation hearts, and as well it has two frilly heart-shaped pockets with "Cute Girl" embroidered on them. I wanted to keep the conversation hearts theme going throughout the coord, so I used these big Katie clips as headwear and on the bag! (That bag has a transparent heart pocket by the way- it's super cute but you need to watch what you put there!)
Here's the rundown~

Head accessories: Katie and offbrand
Top: Ank Rouge
Cardigan: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Clip on bag: Katie
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: WEGO

I hope you enjoyed this post! I make these sorts of things literally all the time, but I never post them because they're solely for my own mental record. I figure it's something that might be fun to blog about~ I love sharing my love of fashion with you guys, even if it's on a very irregular basis ; v ;

Thanks for reading darlings!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

♡ OOTD: Everyday Princess of Flowers ♡

Hey cutie pies!

SO I've been super neglecting of this blog, and I probably still will be, but let's ignore that and do an OOTD * v *

I just got back from Animaritime where I cosplayed Cure Flora from Go! Princess Precure! It's a series I'm really passionate about and I've just been feeling a lot of feelings, so I was inspired to do a princessy flowery coordinate for everyday wear~ I hope you enjoy!

Hair accessories: Handmade
Necklace and ring: They were gifts ; v ;
Crop top: H&M!
Skirt: Candy Rain on Taobao
Purse: Swimmer
Shoes: DreamV

On to the photos~!

Until next time, whenever that may be 8D

Thursday, 22 January 2015

♡ OOTD: Berets & Lattés | Baby The Stars Shine Bright, American Apparel, Self-Made, etc. ♡

Hello babies!

I have another lil' outfit of the day for you~
I used some different textures and colours from what I usually go for in my super pink hime coords for a change!
OH- and I also got extensions again. For those of you wondering, they're 12 inch human hair from Sally Beauty Supply!

Here's the rundown for you~


Beret: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Choker: Self-made
Brooch: Self-made
Crop top: American Apparel
Skirt: Target (R.I.P Target Canada </3)
OTK Socks: Angelic Pretty
Heels: DreamV (Dear My Love)

Thanks for reading cutie pies!
Until next time,