Tuesday, 29 July 2014

✩ July Favourites! Deco Phones, Jelly Shoes, Sailor Moon, and more~ ✩

Hello cuties! 

I've decided to start doing monthly favourites of bits and bobs I've loved each month! I always love watching and reading other blogger's favourite posts and videos, so I hope this is interesting to someone out there ✧
  This month's favourites post includes some things I picked up at an anime convention this month, as well as some items I got shopping off island with my mum, and other findings~
All my pretties ♡

My first favourite for this month are these gorgeous clear, glittery jelly shoes. My mum lovingly got them for me when she was in Montreal! They're from Urban Outfitters and are so so comfortable. I like wearing them with frilly socks~ 
They're so glittery, when I'm out in the sunlight it's ridiculous!
The brand is Juju! You can see it on the little buckle.
Secondly, I got this amazing deco phone case. I've been wanting one for absolute ages but could never find one I really liked that wasn't custom made and a billion dollars- but I recently got a new phone since my old one was slowly crumbling in my hands, so I decided to finally get myself a deco den case. I decided to go for a more glitzy route than whip creamy yumminess, since I've been more interested in princess styles lately~ 
I bought it from an eBay seller called greenkiwis, I can't speak enough good about it! It's sturdy as a mother and still gorgeous after weeks of not-too-gentle use (...I am clumsy). 
The only real signs of wear are the slightly dirty edges of the giant rose petals, but everything's perfectly intact and shiny and beautiful other than that.
 A lot of you who follow Japanese fashion will know that L'Oreal recently came out with a new mascara called Voluminous Miss Manga. This mascara claimed to give the wearer eyes like an anime character or doll- and it does just that. This mascara got a lot of mixed reviews and a lot of complaints saying it's "too clumpy" or "too thick", and I can see how people may find that- but I believe that all depends on how you're used to applying your mascara. I always went for a super thick false eye look with my regular drug store mascaras, so this product did what I always wanted without needing so many coats. I use this everyday on my top and bottom lashes for a very casual gyaru inspired look ☆
It's starting to run low since I use it so much, I need to go pick up another tube!
 Anime convention merch time! Animaritime is a convention I've been going to every year for a while now, and it happens around Canada day weekend (July 1st). Since this year is the big Sailor Moon Crystal reboot year, there was SO MUCH MOON MERCH. 

...I wanted all of it. 

But, I restrained myself for this post and decided to just include these little metal diecast charms ♥ I like to take out the little ball chains and slide them onto super thin gold chain and wear them as necklaces! It was a set of six, but the actual moon stick has become a physical attachment to my body in that I have been wearing it every single day. Somehow, I seem to have left it at my boyfriend's house, but I can guarantee it'll pop up on here sooner or later~ 
I get a ton of compliments and people recognizing where they're from, mostly at my work, which always brightens up my day ✧
This one's super simple. but I use it all the time. This sweet little Rilakkuma notebook comes with me everywhere these days! I use it to write down ideas, mostly for blog posts, coordinates, cosplay plans, DIY, or anything else that pops into my noggin.  
Kiiroitori is not impressed. 
This mirror has been super useful ever since I got it! It's the perfect make up mirror, as the heart is double-sided and flips around for when you want the magnifying side or not. I got this beauty from Forever21 on an off-island trip with my mum! I use it every single day.
Now, I'm really not usually a candle person. But at my work, we have a massive selection of Yankee Candles, and a lot of people buy them- so after 8 hours of ringing in such pretty little good smelling things, I started using candles more. I like to light them beside my bath after a day at work~
The label came off of this one, but it's Fresh-cut Rose Petals, apparently. 
Sneaky Rilakkumas.
Moooore anime con swag! Arpakassos have blown up like crazy in popularity, and it's so hard to resist the little guys when they're sitting so pretty at a table in the Vendor's Hall. I dug around desperately trying to find this exact colour and style, she's the perfect princess companion
Her name is Rose ♡
Little crown shot~

And that's my July Favourites! I hope you found this interesting/entertaining in some way. Until my next post, farewell friends!


  1. Such a cute haul! I've been trying to find Sailor Moon merch at comic/anime con's in the UK but Sailor moon has gotten so popular that they're almost never in stock at the stalls :c

    I've been hesitant on buying that Mascara due to all those "too clumpy" "feels hard on my lashes" reviews but after your comments I might just buy one!


    1. Thanks for your comment cutie! Yeah, I got lucky- the day after I bought those metal charms and the gashapons they were all gone ; n ; You almost have to decide on what you want before the con and beeline for it on Friday to be sure, haha.
      Yeah, I think it all depends on how you apply it (: I seriously wear it every day and it's just this lovely falsie dolly look~