Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Halifax's 1st Harajuku Fashion Walk! ♡

Hello cuties!
Recently, I attended my first ever Harajuku Fashion Walk, and the first ever walk on this side of Canada! Now, I live in a really really small Canadian province that's pretty closed-minded and behind on the times, so not much happens over here to do with anything fashion-related. But, living on the island we get pretty used to taking quick trips over to the surrounding provinces where it's a little more happening, so it wasn't too big of a hassle to take a jaunt over to Halifax for their first ever Harajuku Fashion Walk.
We took a group photo before the walk! So many great coords ♡

The walk was held by a super cute J-fashion shop called Toxic Blossom. Toxic Blossom sells all sorts of Japanese fashion and pop culture goodies ranging from Lolita and Fairy Kei-type sweet styles, to more punky Visual-kei pieces and creepy cute, as well as general street style~ They sell imported goods as well as pieces made in-store.
The front desk at the shop~

The walk started outside of a popular farmer's market and ended at Toxic Blossom's store, about 30 minutes from the starting point. The whole walk was on the boardwalk by the water, it was so gorgeous and the breeze was lovely
There were all sorts of fashions represented, I was amazed at the turn out! Especially for the first ever walk in such a little area. There were around 45 attendees! Each and every one of them in fabulous street styles. There were a number of sweet, gothic, and classic Lolitas, as well as a ton of Fairy Kei and creepy cute/pastel goth. There were two amazing shironuri as well, they've done shironuri at conventions in the area before and always look gorgeous.
Shironuri cuties!

After the actual walk we met at Toxic Blossom and hung out for a little longer, as well as had a swap meet! The swap meet was actually my idea because I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get rid of.
The shop was swarmed with people all dolled up ♡

Halifax's first Harajuku Fashion Walk was a massive success, and a really eye-opening experience for me. Living where I do I really am the only one who wears this sort of stuff out and about, and being in a place surrounded by so many people who love the things I do was so crazy to me. I can't wait for the next one! ✧

Here's some more snaps from the walk:
Walking along the boardwalk~ I'm the one in the Ego and Greed flatforms.

We stopped for another group photo along the way!

Fairy kei cuties, these girls are the sweetest.
A Lolita and I believe a gyaru! 
Many many cuties.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time~


  1. Hi sweety, its a really candy walk, haha! Welcome to the blogger universe I'm following your blog, it is very cute despite being starting, congratulations, I hope to see a lot of posts, xoxo.


    1. Thank you so much cutie! This comment made me smile <3 Thank you! You definitely will~