Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hello cuties! ✧ A little introduction.

Hello cuties! ✧

My name is Jillian, I am a Harajuku fashion fanatic, and this is my blog! You maaaay know me from my modelling here and there for stores like Nerdy Little SecretsKawaii Goods, and Starlight Deco Dream, or maybe from my Facebook or Lookbook. But, all of that aside, I've decided to start proper blogging on here!
My posts will be heavily focusing on Japanese street fashion and that whole scene, and the general look into the life of a Canadian magical girl and Lolita ♡ I'm hoping to post coords/look books, photo shoots, reviews, hauls, general posts about fashion, and pretty much whatever else is happening in my life that's cute and lovely. 
I'm mostly into sweet Lolita, hime Lolita, hime gyaru, fairy kei, and pop kei- but I find all kinds of subcultures beautiful, so anything could pop up on here ✩ Keep an eye out! 

I've never done proper blogging like this so please bear with me, but anyone can get better with a little practice, eh? Any feedback at all is very appreciated, and thank you dearly for reading my little introduction ♡

Until next time when I have a more interesting post- ja ne! 

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