Friday, 5 December 2014

♡ OOTD: Cozy Winter Hime-Kaji Coordinate | BTSSB, DreamV, Angelic Pretty, & Offbrand ♡

Happy holidays, cuties!

I'm alive with a post that isn't mandatory because it's sponsored 8D I've recently transformed a corner of my room into a little photo-op corner for OOTDs and modelling shoots~ You know that one place in your room where you kinda just leave crap planning to put it somewhere else later and then never touch for months? That was what that was. And now it's pretty!

So I did a quickie shoot with my glamorous assistant tonight as my tripod is currently out of commission, and I'm here to post a lil post for you chickies and chickoes.

Headbow: DreamV
Scarf: Forever21
Cardigan: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Top (not visible): Forever21
Skirt: Ardene
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Boots: DreamV
Parasol: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

 Thanks for reading lovely! I'll see you next time~

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  1. Your photo corner is so cute *^* and your boots are to die for <3