Monday, 22 February 2016

♡ PARTY-KEI | Where to Shop and Pixie's New Faves ♡

Hello beanie babies!

    After posting my previous blog post on Party-kei, I've gotten a lot of lovely positive feedback from you QTs which has been filling me with determination
I've been goosing around on the internet and realized a lot of my recent faves definitely fit the Party-kei aesthetic, so I thought I'd do a quick n' simple blog post of some of my most recent wish-list musings!
    So if you've been wondering where you might want to peek for some Party-kei clothes or accessories, you're in the right (and probably only) place

    Irregular choice shoes have always been on my (and probably everyone else's) wishlist. It's the bunnies, man. The idea of having a bunny or a cat or a flamingo on my feet just sounds like the epitome of kitsch and cool and is exactly how I want to present myself. Hello. Nice to meet you. I am flamingo shoe girl.

    Oh man. Man. This is another brand I've had my eye on for what seems like forever, but I've never seriously considered making a purchase from them (probably because most of their stuff is made-to-order and my tragic flaw is impatience) but now that I actually own a few PVC pieces, I've become 100% hooked and all I live for is the sweet sweet squeak of trying to sit down in a plastic chair in a hot pink vinyl pencil skirt.

    This is what actually inspired me to write this blog post today :~) I found this fantastically kitsch web shop called RommyDeBommy and fell in love with this purse. It's handmade and hecka cool and therefore expensive as hell, but it's so worth it. I'd worry about the durability of a purse made of foam that straight up looks like a piece of funfetti birthday cake in Canadian winters, but just look at it. This is the most Party-kei thing I have ever seen.

Swankiss seems to be like a drug I can't stop going back to. I only have one Swankiss dress and the Dreamy Book/tote, but something about their kitschy pastel vibe is just so carefree. But like, carefree in the way that they don't seem to care if the design is just weird as hell and might not even sell well. And I love that, I admire that, and I hope I can run a label with that same spirit one day

 Betsey Johnson is another designer I admire to heck and back. Her never-ending spunk and daringness makes me so happy and filled with inspiration. Her pieces are just plain weird and once again, she seems to not give a shit and just goes on doing the weird kitschy stuff she loves. Her kitsch purses are my favourites. I do not have a proper excuse for why I don't own any Betsey purses and I am ashamed.

That's it for me today! I'm sick and my voice is almost completely gone, so no videos for me today but hopefully this blog post was enjoyable!!
I love you my lil pixie fam. Until next time!


  1. Girl, I enjoy your posts and vids so much! I wish I had the confidence to wear party kei, but for now I'm content with simply admiring :) that cake purse is the best thing ever (apparently it's designer lives near me haha)!

  2. Nice, loved the shoes and the cake was a really cool bag. :)

  3. OMG, I just love everything about this post. I want it all too!! I've bought a set from GFD and such amazing quality! I got my order in like 1-2 weeks but I think it was already made so not sure how long it would take for something to be made first. I want those PVC dreamy outfits though....ha, well, really I want everything they make. lol.. I was just looking at those cake purses too...soooo cute!!

    Regina / Head Glam Girl at Margarita Bloom
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    Twitter: @mbglamourville @margaritabloom
    Instagram: @margaritabloom

  4. Everything with Party Kei looks so cute! I don't know if I'm as bold with my style/makeup, but I'd love to try! Do you know of any shops that sell party-kei-appropriate things that have more plus size options?


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  7. Omg I love you blog and I have just started mine and I have to know you made your this beautiful, I also love Betshey Johnson! I have two purses by her so please comment back soon! Love ya! ~sunshine19970 <3

  8. can you post some more affordable stuff - like thrift stuff or even like... wal-mart? everything is so expensive lol

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