Wednesday, 1 July 2015

♡ OOTD: Everyday Princess of Flowers ♡

Hey cutie pies!

SO I've been super neglecting of this blog, and I probably still will be, but let's ignore that and do an OOTD * v *

I just got back from Animaritime where I cosplayed Cure Flora from Go! Princess Precure! It's a series I'm really passionate about and I've just been feeling a lot of feelings, so I was inspired to do a princessy flowery coordinate for everyday wear~ I hope you enjoy!

Hair accessories: Handmade
Necklace and ring: They were gifts ; v ;
Crop top: H&M!
Skirt: Candy Rain on Taobao
Purse: Swimmer
Shoes: DreamV

On to the photos~!

Until next time, whenever that may be 8D


  1. You are too cute!! ^^
    Your pictures are such good quality!! What camera do you use, and how do you edit your photos? ;u;

  2. Go for it, Jillian! Princess Precure would make a glorious entry in the Japanese magical girl genre, where there is a lot more emphasis on fabric. In fact its design is so grand that it touches your senses by its visuals alone. With a cartoon like that, you will definitely have to take your time to cosplay its characters. Though judging from your pictures, I have no doubt you’ll succeed.

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas

  3. You should do a video on how to braid your hair/fringe like that! You're such a cutie